Welcome to the (Fan-Made) MedicandFriends Wiki!

Welcome to the Fan-Made MedicandFriends wiki! Where we post MedicandFriends stuff here! All about this wiki are what comes from MedicandFriends servers, like Slender Fortress, Medic's trade server, etc.

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What comes here is what comes from Medic's servers. This is just a Fan-Made wiki. Not everything that comes from Medic's servers are posted here as it is resulted as violence in the rules. Medic is the owner of the MedicandFriends Steam Group and controls everything. For an alternate MedicandFriends wiki, see MedicandFriends V2 Wiki.


  • Who created this wiki?: MarioPlayz Gamez.
  • Who is Medic msg me @ Forums?: The creator of the MedicandFriends Steam Group and MedicandFriends Forums.
  • Where do I message Medic?: Via Steam (Medic's profile name is [M&F] Medic msg me @ Forums) or at Steamtf2. (AKA MedicandFriends Forums)
  • Why doesn't he reply fast?: He has work. Very busy work.
  • Why does he have a VAC ban?: I don't know.
  • What happened to !resizeme?: Resizing yourself is now banned in Medic's Slender Fortress due to having increased speed when small, and bugging the bosses' AI movement when big.
  • List of his servers?: Medic's SCARY Slender, Medic's Pootis Deathrun, Medic's Idle, Medic's Idle Haven 24/7, Medic's Saxton Hale, Medic's Jailbreak and Medic's Minecraft world.


  • No sexual content
  • No starting flame wars
  • No socks
  • No command abuse
  • Do not force Medic into rushing to make content.

Want boss ideas for Medic to add in his Slender Fortress server?

You want more bosses for Medic to add for his Slender Fortress server? Sure thing. Post all your boss ideas here BUT before you do:

  • Make sure the start of the page are the following: [bossname] is a concept boss for MedicandFriends servers. For example: Buzz Lightyear is a concept boss for MedicandFriends servers.

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